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Gadget Guy David Novak joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share what you need to know about five of his favorite recreational gadgets!

1. Alchemy Arktos 120 Mountain Bike – Premium High End Carbon Mountain Bike

$4,699 (SALE),

For mountain bike enthusiasts, the hottest model currently on the market is the Alchemy Arktos 120. This top-of-the-line mountain bike combines an ultra-durable Alchemy Premium Carbon frame, with a set of two robust 29-inch wheels, as well as an exclusive patented Sine suspension system that offers next-level performance. It virtually eliminates the “bottom bracket”, ultimately allowing the bike to rip up the climbs and descend the roughest terrain with ease. The Arktos also incorporates both a Fox 34 29 Factory Kashima Coated 130mm front fork and 120mm rear fork suspensions that can take hits well above the weight of the bike, as well as an all-new modification flip chip which not only helps improve the bike. overall handling, but also allows users to easily and directly convert the Arktos 120 from a 29er mountain bike to a mixed wheel arrangement to further expand its already impressive versatility.

2. BougeRV CR35 – 12V/37 Pint (35L) Portable Fridge Freezer with Two Zones

About $530,

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate MoveRV CR35. This portable fridge-freezer has a total storage capacity of 37 Quart / 35 Liters (1.3 Cu.Ft.), with two separate cooling compartments, cooled by innovative compressor refrigeration technology that allows rapid cooling in just 15 minutes. Its compartments also feature True Dual Zone temperature settings that allow users to independently control their temperature, which can be set between -4°F to 68°F (-20℃ to 20℃), either through the digital control panel Unit LED, which also displays current temperature levels for each compartment, or via the ChargePro 2.0 mobile app. Its two compartments can be set to operate at 4 different temperature settings: double fridge, double freezer, fridge and freezer or freezer and fridge. The unit also features a rated voltage of 12V and a rated input power of 60W in maximum power mode, or just 45W in Eco mode, plus quiet operation at 45dB. Finally, it also incorporates an integrated LED light, a removable cutting board and a bottle opener.

3. BEZGAR HM163 & BEZGAR TB141 – Racing-Hobby Remote Control Monster Trucks

Only $120 and $44.99.

If you like racing cars, you will surely like these remote control racing trucks. First, we have the BEZGAR HM163, a 1:16 scale high-speed remote control monster truck featuring a reinforced body frame integrated with 4 oil-filled shock absorbers which ensure strong collision resistance. Its frame is protected by a heavy-duty abrasion and chemical resistant PA nylon chassis, while also being fitted with a front headlight. The HM163 incorporates an all-metal transmission powered by a high-end 390 brushed modified motor capable of generating 18,500 rpm, which provides the truck with great acceleration and strong power. For its power, the HM163 runs on 2 x 7.4V 1000mAh high capacity rechargeable batteries which provide users with approximately 40-50 minutes of battery life. The remote control of the device has an IPX5 waterproof rating.

The BEZGAR TB141 is a slightly smaller 1:14 scale remote control monster truck featuring an aluminum alloy chassis fitted with a shock absorber spring system that helps absorb the impact of small bumps for a smoother ride. Its frame is protected by a durable ABS plastic chassis that makes the truck’s structure quite resistant to collisions, while also incorporating 4 LED lights at the top. The truck’s wheel-drive motor system is powered by a powerful built-in brushed motor that can reach 20 km/h at top speed. For its power, the TB141 runs on 2 x 6.0V 800mAh high capacity rechargeable batteries which provide users with 40-50 minutes of battery life.

4. Bitvae S2 Smart Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

Below $40,

Take better care of your oral health with the Bitvae S2 smart ultrasonic electric toothbrush. This smart rechargeable electric toothbrush is capable of generating 40,000 sonic vibrations per minute, providing up to 100 days of battery life. It also features a smart pressure sensor and pressure light that lets you know if you’re brushing too hard or not, and a built-in 2-minute smart timer that reminds you to change the brushing area every 30 seconds. Plus, it also sports 5 different smart brushing modes, plus Bluetooth connectivity to connect it to its iSpruz app, which lets you customize its innovative smart mode by choosing between 9 brushing intensity levels and adjusting its timer. intelligent brushing between 2 and 4 minutes. . Even better, the app also provides users with tips on their brushing technique and offers both animated reminders and weekly in-app reports to guide you in improving and maintaining healthy brushing habits, avoiding thus to your gums and tooth enamel unnecessary damage.

5. B-Cure Laser Vet – Home Use Cold Laser Therapy Device for Dogs

$499 (SALE),

Dogs can be very energetic which can sometimes hurt them in unexpected ways. The B-Cure Veterinary Laser is a non-invasive medical cold laser therapy device for dogs which works based on low level laser therapy. Essentially, the cold laser increases blood circulation through vasodilation and the formation of new capillaries in the tissues, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the treated areas to further promote healing. Owners can use this device to reduce the level of pain and inflammation as well as speed up their dogs’ natural healing process for most wounds and wounds. Not only is B-Cure clinically proven, it is also highly recommended by industry leading veterinarians as it can even replace medication or even surgery for more serious conditions. B-Cure can treat simple strains, pulls, tears, wounds, infections, burns…even joint diseases such as hip dysplasia (arthritis), facilitating a much faster recovery should your pet suffer a surgical intervention.

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