The Next Level Chef Winner Explains Why She Didn’t Like Cooking At The Next Level


We’ve all heard that too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing. According to Pyet DeSpain, the sentiment is also true for “Next Level Chef” kitchens. The Season 1 champion told Mashed that she wasn’t as excited when her team was chosen to cook in the high-level kitchen. While it was clearly the prettiest and best-equipped of them all, DeSpain explained that was exactly what was so off-putting about it.

“The upper level wasn’t my favourite, mainly because I felt like he was so excited,” she said, adding, “There was a lot of pressure on the top floor and you got all those things around you that you’re not used to and you feel the pressure to use them.” From smokehouses to sous vide machines, pressure cookers to ice cream makers, chefs have been provided with a treasure trove of high-tech kitchen tools. But DeSpain said she quickly realized that “no one uses any of that,” especially when the stakes are so high. “I don’t want to do this in a competition or a challenge and then screw it up,” she explained. “When you’re in this zone, you’re doing what you’re good at, and we don’t often work with those things,” she clarified. “You go with your daily ability to cook things.”


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