The Rhythm Leading Up Dark Path Quest Guide & Tips


The rhythm that leads to the dark path is a new world quest that is added in the new sumeru update in Genshin Impact. This quest for the world is part of Aranyaka: Part 2 Dream Nursery the chain sub-quest, The Rhythm That Leads To The Gloomy Path, which can be found in Sumeru for Genshin Impact. See here for instructions on completing the world quest The Rhythm That Nurtures Growth and finding the Dream of the Vasara Tree.

How to Unlock and Complete The Rhythm That Leads to the Dark Path Quest in Genshin Impact

To unlock Tthe rhythm that leads to the dark paththe player must follow the guidelines below:

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  • Dream Nursery: Aranyaka Part II quests include this quest. So, to unlock the quest, players must first complete the pre-slider quests in the quest line.
  • After completing other rhythm quests needed to progress in Aranyaka: Part II Dream Nursery. To start The Rhythm of the Dark Path, speak to Arakavi in ​​Vanarana.

The rhythm that leads to the dark path quest walkthrough

The player must first speak with Arakavi in ​​Vanarana to unlock the three rhythm quests before starting the task. To progress in the Aranyaka: Part 2 Dream Nursery, you must complete these quests. Go to the specified location to search for clues regarding the Halls of Ashvattha.

Teleport to Gandha Hill, which is right above the Spire of Solitary Confinement domain, after that. The player must then travel north and speak with Arama and Arayasa.

The next step would be to observe the Sumeru Roses in order to discover the secret song. The player must look into the symbols while performing this. To learn more about the symbols on the mound next to Arama and Arayasa, press the displayed button. The solution to the following puzzle is in this pattern. Turn the main character to the right. moving to the right side of the roses and adjusting the position. Until all five Sumeru Roses light up, players must line up.

Genshin's Impact Rhythm Leading to Dark Path Guide
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The next step to complete the quest is to play music in the rose pattern. To play the Rhythm of the Gloomy Path, use the Vintage Lyre gadget and press the top row mi-re-mi-re-la buttons. Buttons are also highlighted for the player, so just follow the button sequence that way. Go north to Gandha Hill where there is a pond south of the Electro Regisvine location. Once there, play the Rhythm of the Gloomy Path with the gadget. Enter the Phantasmal Gate to be transported to the Dark Path Dimension.

After that, the wilt area should be cleaned. Unlike previous wilt zones, the initial Gloomy Path zone does not have a Dendrograna branch. Instead, the player must play the Dark Path beat to an idle Phantasm Gate in order to open a portal to the Dendrograna!

To complete this part of the quest, defeat the Withering Tumor. Defeat the large mushrooms that will spawn next to the Withered Tumor. In order to explore the Dream of the Vasara Tree after being transferred to a domain, gather three Primal Rosins. For one of the puzzles, it is advisable to have a Bow character. Pick up the floating green energy after leaving the estate, then the quest is complete!

The rhythm that leads to the Dark Path end-of-quest rewards

In The Rhythm that Leads to the Dark Path quest, players can get rewards by completing the quest. Rewards include

  • Mora × 30,000
  • Adventurer XP x 350
  • Hero’s Spirit x 3
  • Mystical Enchantment Ore x 4
  • Primogems x 40

This was all in our Genshin Impact guide to completing The Rhythm That Leads to the Dark Path.

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