The smart clock I didn’t know I needed so much is on sale this Black Friday weekend


What time is it? It’s time to have a smart clock

If you’re anything like me, smartphones are used to replacing all kinds of other technology in your life: cameras, calculators, remotes – there really is an app for everything. For years I have used my phone as an alarm clock, and it was a perfectly acceptable solution. A few weeks ago, I learned a lot about the Lenovo Smart Clock and quickly bought one – and let me tell you, this thing quickly won me over. Now, with Black Friday shopping right on our doorstep, you have a great opportunity to pick up a smart clock for just $ 35.

I’ll be the first to admit that this class of products was a hard sell for me at first. I like the smart speaker assistant, and while I find the Nest Hubs really useful, I already find myself wishing that Google hadn’t shortened their interface so much. If even a Nest Hub needs to do more, why look at an even more chained smart clock?


Because as mundane as it is, sometimes less is really more, and with what it offers, the Lenovo Smart Clock fits my bedside table perfectly. Here I don’t need to get distracted by local news highlights, or really videos of any kind, and this gadget is happy to respond. The small 4-inch touchscreen gives me just enough information and interactions to be useful without distracting. With a simple gesture, I can control the bedroom lights, set a new alarm, or adjust my settings to an existing setting.

It seems a little so obvious it’s almost stupid to say, but I missed having a clock next to my bed. I don’t think it was ever a conscious decision to get rid of it, but with phones doing so much and wanting to keep them close at hand, a simple clock seemed superfluous. I’m happy to welcome one again, as I greatly enjoy turning around and seeing the time right there, rather than blindly searching for a phone in the dark (or having a much too late conversation with the ‘assistant).

There are a few small complaints that I have had over the past few weeks using the Lenovo Smart Clock. As we noted during the review, the speaker isn’t the best, so I always keep a Nest Mini in the same room for music. I’m also a little concerned that the touchscreen interface makes snoozing or turning off the alarm a little too easy. Granted, there were times I enjoyed how effortless the repeating tapping can be, but I also definitely turned the alarm off a few times by accident when I just wanted to snooze.

I managed to get lucky and grab my Lenovo Smart Clock for a great deal when Walmart dumped inventory earlier this fall, but now that I’m a convert I have no problem recommending it, even at the price you can pick it up this Black Friday weekend, just $ 35. Back when it was $ 80, we hesitated over the price, but it’s just impossible to disagree on that level. And if you’re looking for a little extra functionality, you can take the second generation smart clock with its wireless docking station for only $ 70.

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