The use of technology by women in India has increased 5 times over the last decade: Today, 2 out of 3 households have women who use smartphones

There has been a significant increase in the number of women using technology. In India, around 200 million households now have one or more women using the internet, compared to just 40 million households in 2012. This five-fold increase over the past 10 years in the number of households where women use smartphones/gadgets has increase. boosted by the availability of low-cost smartphones and a nationwide mobile data connection.
Two out of three households in India where women did not use smartphones or gadgets until 10 years ago now do so for a myriad of online activities, according to a survey by LocalCircles. A smartphone or gadget has not only helped a large number of women to connect with their friends/family, but also to be better informed and in many cases to transact while shopping online or shopping. payment.
LocalCircles received over 20,000 surveyed households located in 324 districts of India.
Of the women surveyed, the majority 53% said they use a smartphone to make purchases, 38% said to book tickets or services, 47% said to make or accept payments.
71% said they also use the phone to ‘find information on the internet, 79% said ‘stay in touch with family and friends’, 24% said ‘create content for family, friends, work ; 9% said they “run a business”, and 18% said “for employment”.
While these are early use cases, it’s only a matter of time before many more women are using this connectivity to find jobs, build businesses, raise issues and mobilize their communities.
“So, yes, while severe injustices, gender discrimination and criminality continue to prevail against women in most parts of India, technology and connectivity are playing a part in making things better, that it’s about education, job opportunities, or ability to raise issues.We need to put the change of the last 40 years into perspective versus the change of the last 10 years, driven primarily by technology. “It is this adoption of technology along with ways to educate, to express, to create, to transact that gives us hope that change in the next decade will be even faster than the last,” said said Sachin Taparia, founder of Local Circles.

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