Thermacell E55 mosquito repellent is effective, according to buyers


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The exceptional summer heat has many people wanting to stay cool indoors during the day until temperatures are “more bearable” in the evening. But another problem arises at sunset: the mosquitoes come alive!

BUY IT: Thermacell with 5.5 hour battery, $37.17 (origin $39.99);

“I’ve tried citronella candles, torches, mist maker, just about everything, and Thermacell is the only thing that really, really works,” one five-star reviewer shared. “By far the most effective and convenient mosquito repellent on the market,” added another buyer.

Thermacell notes that the rechargeable device works best anywhere mosquitoes are present, such as your garden, porch, patio, or pool. And, unlike candles or torches, you won’t have to worry about flames: the pet-safe mosquito repellent uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to warm the unscented liquid inside its cartridge 12-hour replaceable when the gadget is on. Additionally, you can choose between the 5.5 hour battery model or the 9 hour battery model which is only $10 more.

BUY IT: Thermacell with 9-hour battery, $49.99;

“Charges fast and lasts as advertised,” wrote one buyer who titled their review “Best Product Ever.” Another user, who lives in an area in the South where “mosquitoes range from bad to horrible,” added, “I try not to binge on reviews, but this product was a game-changer for us.”


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