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Rainbow Six Extraction’s new game mode, Nightmare Fog, is now available in the live version of the game. Players seem excited and curious to find out what lies inside the purple fog.

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But this mode is difficult. To overcome fog, delusions and aliens, you will need the right strategy and the right team.

After trying the wild experience of Nightmare Fog, we strongly advise you to give the following operators a chance.


Once Neurotoxin levels exceed 100, Operators begin to lose hit points. That’s when Doc comes to save the day. His stim gun is perhaps the best ally you can have.


Much like Doc, Finka can boost his teammates with extra health points, which can eventually make a huge difference. She also brings her signature LMG to the battlefield, which is incredibly useful against Archaean herds.


As you may have noticed in our first two suggestions, hit points are important in this game mode. With that in mind, our third recommendation will come as no surprise to some.

Rook is another great option to consider if we want to have as many health points as possible. His armor pack can be differential once your neurotoxin levels break the 100 point barrier.


His unique gadget won’t make a difference, but his LMG might. Against Archaean herds, weapons with large amounts of bullets and large magazines have the best chance of surviving. Just get the job done quickly. Dirty, but quickly.


Zofia’s LMG is the same. His KS79 lifeline can also be very useful in certain combat situations. She can also resist. Yes, she is a great addition to any list.

Operators bring gadgets that can be used to have a better chance of completing the mission. Here are a few that you should definitely use!

For a complete list of all gadgets, see our Rainbow Six Mining Gadgets Guide.

Recovery kit

You must bring the Revive kit. Still. This will give you the chance to resist and run to the extraction point – or, if you think it’s viable, complete the mission.

reaction laser

You can’t go in the fog without your React Laser. With it, you won’t have to waste bullets to clear your way through the Sprawl. Remember that the slower you walk in the fog, the more time you will spend inside the fog.

reconnaissance drone

Drones are essential in this game mode. You can stay in a safe, fog-free area while hovering around, gathering information on where exactly you need to go. With the right information, you and your teammates won’t have to waste time killing enemies and running around in fog – which, remember, will increase your neurotoxin levels.


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