This $10 Amazon gadget makes cleaning dryer vents easy


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Instead of hiring a professional to do the dirty work, check out the Sealegend Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit at Amazon while it’s on sale for just $10. It includes a 33-inch hose, adapter, and guide wire to help you maneuver the hose deep into the vent where you can’t reach it. All you need is a vacuum that accepts attachments; several reviewers said a Dyson “worked beautifully“, but any similar model will do.

The hose attachment may seem flimsy at first, but this flexibility allows it to reach anywhere in your dryer vent without getting caught. (Don’t forget to attach the guide wire before cleaning – it’s the key to success!) Choose from two suction settings, light or heavy, depending on how long since your vent was last cleaned.

Not only will this “easy to use” cleaning gadget help reduce your risk of a household fire, it will also help your appliance run more smoothly, which could lead to your clothes drying faster. Win-win-win!

Buy it! Sealegend dryer vent cleaning kit, $9.34 (Original $19.99);


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