This Awesome Gadget Is A DIY Must-Have – And It’s Only $7


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Tired of losing screws? Make your DIY projects easier with this handy tool. (Source: Amazon)

DIY projects can be either a fun pastime or a stressful experience, and the difference often comes down to how prepared you are. This indispensable workshop makes your job much easier by magnetically holding screws, nails, bolts and more on your wrist.

Keeping nails on your workbench often causes them to roll and get lost, especially if you’re working with power tools. Running across the room to your pile of screws can be a hassle, and holding them while you work only complicates things. With this simple magnetic braceletyou can easily keep up to ten sets of screws with you at all times while keeping your hands free.

Keep your tools handy

Add convenience to your home improvement chores with this handy gadget.  (Source: Amazon)

Add convenience to your home improvement chores with this handy gadget. (Source: Amazon)

$6.99 $9.99 at Amazon

The MagBand magnetic wristband uses ten magnets to securely hold nails, screws, washers, bolts, drill bits and more while you do your job. Its breathable mesh fabric holds the magnets firmly in place and is soft against the skin to keep you comfortable. One size fits all, so the nylon oxford fabric should also not be too tight. If the wristband interferes with wrist movement, you can easily strap it around your arm or belt instead.

With ten places to put small tools, the magnetic bracelet makes DIY crafts easier. Rather than having a designated place to pile screws and nails, you can literally keep them handy while you work. The magnets are strong enough to hold everything firmly in place, so you don’t have to worry about screws or nails falling out and getting lost.

Amazon shoppers love it MagBand. Read what this ecstatic client has to say about their purchase: “I bought two of the magnetic bracelets for myself. I told my wife how well the magnets held the screws to my wrist. Well now I only have one because my wife took the other to hold pins for her sewing.I now think that because there are so many possible uses for the magnetic bracelet, it would be great for gifts, especially since Christmas is coming up.

Be ready to face anything

A true craftsman’s dream, the MagBand Wristband holds screws, bolts and more so you always have what you need by your side. This handy gadget will save you a lot of time, stress and energy when doing your DIY projects. Not to mention that its remarkably low price will also save you money. Right now, the bracelet is on sale for just $9 on Amazon. Plus, you can save an extra $2 at checkout with an extra coupon.

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