This food and wine approved mini waffle maker is on sale


Brushed with butter and drizzled with maple syrup, there’s nothing like the sweet, crispy crunch of a homemade waffle. But as easy as it is to eat them, waffles can seem like a tall order on days when you only want one serving. This is what makes Mini Dash Waffle Maker unique. It earned our Food & Wine Faves seal of approval because its design is perfect for simple morning breakfasts. And while the little gadget is already quite affordable, Amazon has just branded several more colors and designs.

Dash’s Miniature Waffle Maker measures just 5 inches tall and 6.4 inches wide, an ideal size for storage in kitchen cabinets or drawers. Its surface makes 4-inch waffles and has a nonstick coating for super-fast, hassle-free cooking and cleanup.

Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Mini Dash Black Skull Waffle Maker, $16 (originally $20) at

“Although the machine makes waffles that are smaller than typical waffles, they would be great for smaller portions, breakfast sandwiches, and dessert waffles,” our testers wrote. To choose the best of the best manufacturers, testers evaluated 17 appliances based on their design, size, efficiency in baking leavened and unleavened dough, and ease of cleaning.

Although the iron makes one waffle at a time, it heats up quickly and evenly since it’s powered by 350 watts, according to the test team. Baking a perfect mini waffle takes a few minutes, but they recommended their favorite way to do it: “We found that 3 tablespoons of batter didn’t fill it up, but 4 tablespoons (1/4 cup) of dough have spilled out, so it takes a bit of finesse to get it right.”

Currently, you can get a few simple waffle makers in different colors or patterns, such as the Skull design ready for Halloween for $16 or the mini waffle maker gift set for $23. And, if you’re looking for a fun treat for your kids (or yourself, of course), you can pick up machines on sale that leave footprints of a pumpkin Where heartwhich are only $12 with a coupon.

If you want to speed up your breakfast assembly or gift someone a mini waffle maker, set of two is also on sale for less than $20, in traditional colors like blue, red, or black, or Halloween waffle shapes like a skull or pumpkin.

Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Dash 2-Piece Mini Black Waffle Maker Set, $20 (originally $25) at

With the Mini Dash Waffle Maker being such a fun staple, you’ll want to grab it while it’s on sale now for as low as $13. But hurry, because these irons tend to sell out quickly and we don’t know when the deal will close.


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