This gadget is for anyone who has always wanted to charge their iPhone with a VGA cable


Every once in a while, a gadget drops into our inboxes that makes us “awesome”. Today it’s an iPhone charger that looks like a VGA cable.

Unfortunately, this is not a real VGA cable that has been Frankensteined to charge your iPhone. That’s obviously what I thought at first. It’s more of a VGA shell.

This black magic looking device is sold as “Elecom Cable Bite Cable Mania Series – VGA Head for Lightning Cable” on a site called Boutique Brando.

It is described as a “cute accessory that protects your cable while you charge our Smartphone”.

The list continues: “It’s not only pretty but also a great item that prevents disconnection by covering a part of the lightning cable that breaks easily.”

Image: Brando Shop via Elecom

It’s basically a gutted VGA cable that lets you slide in your Lightning cable. It looks like it’s leaning against your phone to fool everyone around you. It fooled me, but I’m obsessed with it.

The VGA cable for iPhone is made of ATBC-PVC, measures 36mm x 18mm x 18mm and weighs 6 grams.

Thanks to Twitter user Elissa (@attendproblems) for posting the gadget that a handful of his followers shared with me. Feel free to send me the weird and wonderful gadgets you come across via @ashabeeeethis stuff makes us happy.


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