This Indian shopping site called “fake” by the United States


Bengaluru: The United States named the business-to-business online marketplace Indemart and some physical bazaars in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata in a list of world markets known for counterfeit goods.

counterfeit goods can be found in large quantities on Indiamart, including counterfeit pharmaceuticals, electronics and clothing,” the Office of the United States Sales representative (USTR) said in a report. “Rights holders are concerned about Indiamart’s failure to adequately implement anti-counterfeiting best practices, including seller verification, sanctions against known sellers of counterfeit products or proactive product monitoring. counterfeits.”

One of the purposes of preparing the list, according to the report, is to encourage the private sector and governments to take appropriate measures to reduce piracy and counterfeiting.

“Indiamart apparently has a notice and take down system, but rights holders report that it’s cumbersome to use, dismantling time is slow, and the status of reviews is not transparently communicated to rights holders,” the report said.

In response to ET’s question, Indiamart said it is a “law abiding company” and strongly believes in the non-tolerance of any misuse of its website for illegitimate purposes. or illegal.

“Our complaints redress system is robust and efficient, allowing users to submit complaints through the website, and in lieu of such complaints, redress is forwarded to said advertiser for due diligence. This is done to comply with the true spirit of the law and equal opportunity is given to all content advertisers,” the Indiamart statement said.

He alleged that the USTR released the report without informing the company and giving it the opportunity to respond to the allegations.

“We will be contacting them for details of cases that have led them to believe that our process is lax in this regard,” Indiamart’s statement said.

Among the other online platforms mentioned in the notorious market The list includes Alibaba, Taobao, Pinduoduo and Wechat in China, Tokopedia in Indonesia and Shopee in Singapore.



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