This Modern Kitchen Gadget Delivers Perfect Seltzer in Seconds


While I can’t pinpoint exactly when this happened, Sparkling Beverages and Seltzer Waters underwent a serious rebranding. Everywhere I look there’s a new sparkling water company promising more bubbles and even more “natural” flavors. And while I’m certainly not complaining (there’s nothing quite like the sensory rush of crispy fizzy bubbles), I was beginning to worry about the mountain of seltzer cans pouring out of my kitchen every week.

Enter the AWA Carbonator – the new ultra-modern kitchen gadget that creates super-sparkling sparkling water right from your kitchen counter. Inspired by the naturally carbonated sources in Iceland, the AWA carbonator is consciously designed to help reduce single-use plastic waste, giving you a sustainable way to feed your seltzer habit at home. With every delicious batch of sparkling water made in AWA’s signature reusable bottle, you save hundreds of bottles and cans from landfills every year. But that’s just the tip of the (Icelandic) iceberg – read on for my full AWA review and visit the Design Milk Shop to order one of your own. We’re even giving it away at a special introductory price (33% off!) for a limited time to celebrate the launch!

Seamless scandinavian design

You can’t talk about the AWA without acknowledging its sleek, modern profile. Fellow seltzer enthusiasts will love the minimalist Scandinavian design of the AWA carbonator and the polished look it brings to your counter. With its modern black body and stainless steel detailing, the AWA is a refreshing change from the garish, bulky look of conventional kitchen appliances, making it a gadget you’ll be proud to display on your home. countertop, whatever the style of decoration of your kitchen. The Signature bottle that accompanies the AWA embodies the same modern simplicity, allowing you to easily store your seltzer and enjoy it on the go.

Easy and functional configuration

As someone who has only ever bought seltzers from the store (never again!), I was admittedly a bit concerned that the AWA carbonator might have a complicated setup. Much to my delight, setting up the AWA was as easy as placing the stainless steel tray on its base and unwrapping the Signature Bottle cap (watch me unbox it on our TikTok!) – me taking less than 5 minutes. Finally, you’ll need a standard CO2 tank (sold separately) to create those satisfying bubbles. Fortunately, they are incredibly easy to find on Amazon. Just twist it into the carbonator body without a hitch, and you’re set for the best sparkling water you’ve ever had!

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High performance + personalized

Now that we have unboxed and prepared our AWA, the real fun begins. After filling the AWA bottle to its minimum or maximum fill line and screwing it in place, simply press the button on the carbonator to inject delicious effervescence into your water. The best part? The longer you hold the button, the more fizzy bubbles you’ll get, giving you the ability to make perfect fizzy water every time. Personally, I love the refreshing bite of crisp, clean bubbles in my sparkling water, so I pressed the button for about 5 or 6 seconds for an extra sparkling experience. Plus, there are countless ways to enjoy AWA’s sparkling water – add a splash of cold brew for an extra kick, squeeze in fresh lemon or lime, use it as a base for a clean and healthy mocktail (especially if you’re attending in dry January!) – you can find more AWA recipes to experiment with here.

AWA Carbonator

AWA Carbonator

A durable, hassle-free way to fuel your sparkling water habit at home, the AWA Carbonator is a state-of-the-art kitchen gadget that delivers clean, refreshing seltzer water at the push of a button. Sparkling fans will love the AWA’s minimalist Scandinavian design and the refined look it brings to your counter. Featuring AWA’s signature reusable bottle (and dishwasher safe), the AWA Carbonator saves hundreds of bottles and cans of seltzer from landfills each year, making it a clean and sustainable alternative to sodas and store-bought seltzers. Bonus: you can get it on sale for a limited time only!

$99 (33% savings!)

Offering Scandinavian style, durability and a clean, refreshing seltzer experience, the sleek AWA Carbonator is sure to be your new favorite kitchen gadget.

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