This pickle picker is the ultimate gift for pickle lovers


You’ll never have to dip your hand in pickle juice again.

As a pickle-obsessed foodie, nothing satisfies my salty cravings more than a nice cold pickle or pickle-flavored food. Some people are obsessed with sweets or coffee. But to me, it’s pickles.

When I heard about a pickle picker, courtesy of other pickle lovers on TikTok, I knew I had to get my hands on it. After all, why use a boring fork when you can have fun with an awesome gadget from Amazon?

What is a pickle picker?

Also known as a pickle tong, a pickle picker is basically a fancy fork. It is an eight-inch plastic stick that contains claw-like prongs for gripping pickles. Similar to how a syringe works (bad example, I know), the top pushes down to release the teeth.

At just $6 a pop, a pickle picker is a weird but useful Amazon kitchen product that saves fingers from getting drenched in pickle juice. Buyers love that it also works for olives and other juicy condiments.

Why are pickle pickers all the rage?

Simply put, Pickle Picker is trending because the internet is obsessed with fun Amazon tools that make life easier, and so are we. #PicklePincher on TikTok has amassed 3.6 million views.

It’s become a “controversial” gimmick that TikTok made me buy because some viewers scoff at the fact that you can save $6 and just use a fork. Obviously, they’re not real pickle lovers, because only pickle obsessives know that a fork isn’t as much fun. See for yourself in this satisfying TikTok video from @carrieberkk.


have you ever seen a PICKLE PICKER? ! 😳 #pickle #lifehacks #foodtiktok

♬ original sound – Carrie Berk

How we tested it

To put this awesome kitchen gadget from Amazon to the test, I picked up a jar of my favorite dill pickles from the store and started pinching. Ideally, I had just finished a jar of pickles, so I put it to the test with a fresh jar swimming with pickles. I practiced pressing the stick-like device to master my technique. Turns out you have to hold down the top part to secure your pickle, and the further down you press, the longer the prongs get.

Pickle jar in hand, I pressed the selector lightly and shoved it into a pickle. I didn’t push it hard enough, so it immediately fell off the tool. In the second round, I made sure not to be shy with the pickle and the success! My pickle was ready to eat with the pickle tongs, and my fingers didn’t get an ounce of pickle juice on them.

Pickle Picker Product Features

The eight inch pickle picker is made of durable plastic and stainless steel tines. Funny enough, the teeth look exactly like a hair massager. Except instead of being used to massage, it’s used to capture pickles. Tines extend a few inches to get hard-to-reach pickles, olives or beets out of a jar. You control the length of the teeth, so the deeper the pickle is in the jar, the more it should spread.


  • Affordable price
  • Prevents fingers from getting soaked in pickle juice
  • Fun to use
  • Solve a daily problem
  • Works for olives and other juicy toppings

The inconvenients

  • Not a pretty Amazon kitchen gadget
  • If you don’t stick it hard enough in a pickle, the pickle will fall off
  • Works as well as a fork

What other buyers had to say

through the merchant

Shoppers and big pickle fans love that this tool solves an everyday problem of getting pickle juice on your fingers. Here’s what other reviewers had to say:

“It’s now the only way to get pickles, olives, or any other condiment out of a jar,” wrote Lisa, a verified Amazon reviewer. “Nobody wants to get their fingers wet in a jar of food and nobody wants to eat under their fingernails, so this article is a win-win.”

Amanda Cason, a verified Amazon reviewer, adds, “I’m actually considering giving a few as gifts. They are better quality than I thought. Bonus: The claws look like little wolverine claws, so you can grab a pickle and pretend to be an X-men all in one go! »

“This tool is the only thing that separates us from animals,” shares verified Amazon reviewer Heather Garrett. “Before I got this, I tried picking pickles with a fork like a peasant. But now I can show my face in the neighborhood and hold my head up high.

final verdict

Amazon pickle pickle is officially my new favorite kitchen find. I was surprised how strong the tool was when taking large dill pickles. And I was able to eat the pickles right off the tongs. Of course, a fork works just as well. But why settle for an ordinary kitchen tool when you can have fun with an appliance literally designed for pickle lovers?

Where to buy the Pickle Picker

Toh Comm Pickle Picker Via Amazon.comthrough the merchant

Treat yourself, or the pickle lover in your life, to a pickle tongs by heading to Amazon where it’s $6 a pop. You’ll never use a fork or knife again with this little wonder.

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