This smartwatch could save a life and it’s now on sale


It’s 2022, and with all the technology at your fingertips today, there’s no reason for you to stay home, anxious, wondering if your loved ones are okay.

This is where the LutiBand connected watch comes into play. Unlike other smartwatches you may have used in the past, this gadget does not depend on a nearby cell phone to function. Instead, it has an international 4G LTE SIM card already installed, allowing the wearer to access its security features when time is of the essence.

Billed as “the next generation of medical alert devices”, the LutiBand smartwatch gives wearers the gift of security, delivering incredible peace of mind to the people who love them. Thanks to its associated mobile application, you can see the location of the watch at all times, and you can even create security perimeters and be notified whenever borders are crossed. Plus, you’ll be able to see past locations, which can be extremely helpful if a loved one gets lost.

In addition to serving as an advanced GPS and alert system, the LutiBand smartwatch is also an emergency call device, giving anyone wearing it an easy way to call for help. When activated, the alert calls the emergency services and informs them of the exact location of the person in need. Additionally, it will begin to take note of the wearer’s vital signs, including blood pressure, oxygen level, heart rate, etc., which can be very helpful in determining what kind of care they need.

With its wide array of features, from fall detection and “I’m fine” buttons, to its ability to store important medical information, there’s a reason the LutiBand has been featured on so many different tech sites. , bringing together thousands of investors among some. of the most popular electronic companies.

Have peace of mind with LutiBand Smartwatch: The Next Generation of Medical Alert Devicesnow 41% off at $99.99.

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