This year’s best-selling Decathlon charger for working at the beach without a plug


in our daily life, Mobile phone It has become an extension of our body. This type of equipment has become in recent years a essential commodity for us and we have to take us wherever we go. This frequent use means that we stop many times no battery in the short time indicated but thank you for that new decathlon productNow you don’t have to worry about what happens.

The French multinational represents the sale of sports products and equipment, on some occasions it surprises to put on sale certain items that are of great help in our daily lives, as is the case with this product that wants to be one of Bestsellers In the Decathlon catalog in the coming months. Thank you all for the twist that the experts of the French franchise have put in it laptop battery,

Don’t run out of battery when returning to routine

Whether it’s our vacation or our work day, many people spend a lot of time away from home, and there is rarely a socket in which recharge the battery from our mobile device. But thanks to the Decathlon, we no longer have to worry about it, because it recharges with a gadget solar panel This includes leaving all sorts of worries behind as it will automatically recharge as you move from place to place.

it is Portable Battery With Foldable Solar It is comfortable and light, and will allow you to use it in any situation. your solar panel 15W It will charge, even if you don’t realize it during a walk in nature, during your day at the pool or on a sunny day at the beach. this article has one USB output Where you can recharge your mobile at any time. The maximum power of this connection is 20W and max current 5V,

automatically charges in the sun

A product that you can comfortably take with you thanks to its dimensions when folded 160 x 100 x 20mm and really light 0.6kgSo you can carry it in any backpack with little effort, recharge your mobile when needed and expose it to the sun so that in a short time its battery is full and ready for new use. .

East Portable battery with foldable solar panel It is said to revolutionize and facilitate your daily life, since you will not need an electrical connection to be able to recharge your mobile. for only €39.90 You can get this product at any physical Decathlon store or through their website.


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