‘Time to Walk’ revitalized my boring walking routine


I tried the Time to Walk program on Fitness+

I admit, without shame, that I started with Kesha. Yes, with options like Dr. Sanjay Gupta, ballerina Misty Copeland, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai on the list, I started with the glitter-throwing pop star. (Go ahead and judge.) She talked about music, but also a lot about the connection between nature and well-being, which was unexpected and really nice considering that I was walking outside for the first time in a long time ( on a generously warm February day in New Jersey).

Kesha was walking on the beach in Malibu and I could hear waves and birds in the background. I was surprised at how open she was about the struggles of her life – from feeling like an outsider as a child to battling impostor syndrome and overcoming her fears at school. adulthood. It felt like a stream of consciousness, and not designed or scripted at all.

Before pressing play, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of content or flow of each episode. I was surprised at how unproduced it felt. Like I was on the phone with a friend – not listening to a celebrity read a script or give a speech.

I was only planning on taking a quick 30 minute walk, but there were so many interesting guests in the lineup that I decided to do another loop around the neighborhood and listen to one more. I discovered very quickly that it is easy to get lost in these episodes and train more than expected.

I pressed Malala Yousafzai, the activist who was attacked by the Taliban at 15 and rose to fame around the world. She took a walk in a park in Los Angeles and spoke of the walk as a time of solitude and connection with her parents. She talked about adjusting to life in a new country and managing a public image as the face of activism. I loved how we got to see into her personal life, hear stories from childhood, and also hear stories of her activism and inspirational fight against the silence of women’s voices. She was a very good storyteller and painted very vivid pictures of her experiences. I was surprised by her eclectic musical choices, which included Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” and one of her favorite Bollywood songs.

A few days later, I decided to take a 30-minute lunch break and get some fresh air. I was looking forward to the Chelsea Handler episode and thought she would surely be a good palate cleanser for a day at work. She made me laugh in the first 10 seconds. But then things got pretty serious. She spoke about losing her brother and how dealing with grief taught her empathy. She talked about privilege, speaking out and being an ally. It was surprisingly motivating; it felt like a pep talk at times. She said music to her was a party, and I ended my walk listening to “American Pie” and a feel-good song by Pink.

I listened to a few more lunch break episodes over the next week or two and felt energized and inspired as I sat back down at my desk. The 30-minute episodes are just long enough to get a glimpse into someone’s life – without getting bored or letting my mind wander – and ending with music puts me in the right frame of mind to get back to normal. work.

One Saturday morning I was up before my husband and son and decided to do an episode of walking down a local trail for coffee – something I had never done before.

I realized I hadn’t decided on a male guest yet, so I settled on Christopher Meloni. He was taking a nature walk in Connecticut and talked about working and achieving a goal, from his days as a quarterback in high school to now at 60, reprising his role on “Law and Order.” He was another very good storyteller; I got lost in the stories of his childhood and the 30 minutes flew by. It was funny, yet educational and inspiring. I kind of felt like I got a pep talk from my dad at the end of the episode.

I came back with Rebel Wilson, sipping my latte while she talked about living with PCOS and finally taking control of her health. She talked about being kind to her body, getting healthy gradually and slowly by walking for an hour a day. She also spent a lot of time talking about overcoming nerves and going for it (whatever your goal) and it was like having a pep talk from a friend. It was such a positive way to start my weekend and instead of greeting my groggy toddler, I felt energized – physically and mentally – after taking a walk and inspiring conversation.

Apple Watch Fitness+ Prince William
The second season of Time to Walk on Apple Fitness+ ended with a special holiday episode featuring Prince William.Apple

The last episode I listened to was of Prince William. I have to admit, I’m not someone who follows the royal family closely, so it wasn’t the most interesting episode for me, but I thought it was cool that he decided to participate in the program. He talked a lot about mental health and the ability to laugh at yourself when you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone (with an entertaining story featuring Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi). I was pleasantly surprised when he ended his episode with a catchy Tina Turner song, “Waka Waka” by Shakira (which is a favorite of her kids, Charlotte and Louis) and an AC/DC banger he likes to wake up on Monday morning.

What I liked about the Time to Walk program on Fitness+

There are so many interesting and varied guests that I still have quite a list to go through, and found myself looking forward to seeing who the new guest would be each week. Each episode has done a great job of balancing serious, moving stories with lighter experiences and humor.

As a new member of the walkers club, I loved hearing different perspectives on each guest’s activity and relationship with walking – both as a way to stay physically healthy and as a mental and medium health tool. to connect with themselves and others. It was cool that each guest started by describing the place they were walking through. Their descriptions, along with the sounds of the landscape like gravel crunching underfoot or waves crashing on the beach, really paint a picture and make it feel like you’re walking alongside them.

I really liked the structure of the episodes, with the first half more like a podcast and the second half more like a music playlist. I loved the nostalgia of the music and hearing the personal connection and experience of the hosts with specific songs. The choices of each guest were often really surprising and not what I expected. It felt like having a guest DJ on the radio and it allowed me to revisit some old favorites and also hear music that I would never have chosen to listen to on my own.

Maybe it was the fact that all these influencers were walking around interesting and beautiful places, as I walked past the same strip of houses in my neighborhood, but it actually inspired me to change my walk and take a new route. I passed through another development that I have never explored and took a trail twice to my local cafe. It was like a pleasure to break my normal routine and enjoy an inspiring conversation and a latte as I walked.

What I didn’t like about the Time to Walk program on Fitness+

To be honest, this could very well have been user error – like I said, I’m not the most tech-savvy – but I did run into a few technical issues. The first time I tried to play an episode, I received an error that the walking program was not available. The second time I got to halfway through the episode and it just turned me off. One of my big peeps is when a class starts to buffer or doesn’t work during a workout – it’s hard enough to get motivated to move, so once I’m in it I don’t want to have to face technical problems that delay my training. Going forward, I downloaded the episodes in advance and had no problems.

I also couldn’t find a way to select the next episode after an episode ended and continue walking without ending my walk and starting a new one. It would be nice to be able to continue until the next episode and track my entire walk as one workout instead of breaking it up into 30 minute segments.

The cost of the required equipment is obviously the biggest obstacle to enjoying the program. You must have a compatible Apple Watch to access “Time to Walk”, which will cost you a few hundred dollars. I personally wouldn’t buy the Apple Watch and Fitness+ subscription just for this program, but if you already own a watch or plan to use the larger Fitness+ platform to create a full workout routine, the “Time to Walk” program is a great offer to take advantage of as well.

I would recommend this workout to:

  • Anyone who likes to walk.
  • Podcast addicts and pop culture junkies.
  • Those who want to start a walking routine, but find it difficult to motivate themselves to move.

Anyone who is bored with their soundtrack or current podcast playlist.


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