Training Camp Preview | Come back


–Slim Gibby: Gibson has always been fast; its 4.3 speed was part of what prompted Washington to draft it in the first place. But despite posting career highs in yardage last season, he felt a bit slower than normal. That’s why coming to OTAs a bit lighter was such a priority for him.

“Just get some of that jerk back, that quickness and avoid long-term injury as well,” Gibson told Julie Donaldson in a one-on-one “Command Center” segment.

Now that Gibson will be running less between tackles, that should give him more opportunities for big wins on the road. Gibson has proven he can be deadly in space; his 73-yard catch-and-run on a screen pass against the Buffalo Bills was an example. And now that he’s about 10 pounds lighter, it should be easier for him to get past defenders on his way to the end zone.

— A trifecta of unique roles: Rivera is thrilled to add Robinson to the mix, and it’s not just because the rookie is a talented player. It’s also because of what his presence allows Washington to do with the back three.

“Now you feel like you have a combination of running backs that on your first and second downs are very physical at some point,” Rivera said. “Then we turn around, you have a bit of a slasher with Antonio’s style. But Antonio also has deceptive speed and quickness, so that’s a good mix.”

The roles are clearly defined for Washington’s back. As Rivera said, Gibson is the slasher, while Robinson can bring physicality with his 228-pound frame. That leaves McKissic, who made most of his plays as a wide receiver. However, his skills allow him to be more than a gimmick and can implement parts of Gibson’s and Robinson’s styles.

Assuming everyone stays healthy, this could make for a talented tandem.


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