Uganda: 16 arrested as security raids suspected ADF training camp in Mityana


A joint security operation targeting a suspected training camp of the Allied Democratic Forces rebel group led to the arrest of 16 people in Mityana.

Following the double explosions on November 16, 2021 targeting Kampala Central Police Station and Parliamentary Avenue, security has since targeted suspected terrorist cells in various parts of the country.


According to police spokesman Fred Enanga, last week a joint team from the military intelligence and police chief counter-terrorism unit raided the home of Jimmy Kayiza in Busimbi, Mityana district.


“This was used as a training center for ADF rebel activities. A total of 16 suspects were arrested while military-style outfits, jungle boots, electronic gadgets and cell phones were recovered,” he said. said Enanga.

He noted that the group has since been transferred to the Special Investigations Division in Kireka for questioning about their involvement in subversive activities.


Enanga also noted that another suspect who was part of the group from Luweero’s home that was raided last week was also arrested in Kampala.

“One of the remnants of the Luweero terrorist cell called Charles Ssemuju was recovered from the Busega flyover where it got stuck after escaping from Luweero.”

Enanga said the 24-year-old came to Kampala in January this year from Ssembabule before being ‘recruited’ into terrorist activities by ADF agents and then taken to Luweero from where he has undergone training.

“While looking for a job in Makerere Kikoni, he was lured into these subversive camps and taken to Luweero from where he has been training since February.”

Last week, a joint security team arrested three people after raiding the home of Umar Kabonge in Kikubajinja area of ​​Luweero Municipal Council in Luweero District.

They also arrested Akbra Kabanda who is believed to be the camp commander and who was reportedly granted amnesty after denouncing ADF terrorist activities.

The security team also recovered a 30.5ft deep underground hole which they believe was built secretly to be used for terrorist training activities, while eight underage children were also found and those- they are suspected of having been radicalized into terrorist activities.

At the suspected training facility, rolls of wire, a short gun, razor blades, sulfuric acid powder and other assorted items that security says are used in the improvised explosives maker were recovered.

After last year’s attacks, security intensified operations targeting ADF sleeper cells believed to be in various parts of the country, particularly in the center.

Police spokesman Fred Enanga confirmed on Monday that many of these sleeper cells still exist, but noted that all would be raided.

“We have evidence to show that there are cells trying to recruit and radicalize members in the rebel ranks, but we are prepared for it. These operations show that we have everything under control,” Enanga said.


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