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Huawei fans were eagerly awaiting the summer new product launch event as the Chinese manufacturer promised to unveil several smart gadgets. And one of these technologies that appears in a new avatar is the Huawei Whole Smart House 2.0.

According to reports, Huawei has launched the Whole House Smart 2.0 with supersonic innovations. The company is adding a revamped desktop central control screen that you can mount on the wall or on the table. In addition, it has a triple structure that easily fits into the space.

There are many more things this revamp edition brings to its consumers. So let’s take a closer look at the new changes to this smart technology:

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Rear-mounted smart host

The new Whole House Smart 2.0 includes a rear-mounted smart host, which is freely applied to different apartments. It attaches a wired connection which functions as a power line for the device. Therefore, there is no possibility for users to suffer from weak signal. However, users should note that wireless network access is limited to local space.

Whole House Smart 2.0 – New lighting and shading system

Huawei has improved the smart gadget interaction logic. Accordingly, the new House Smart version supports different lighting modes. Additionally, it has the ability to control the lights in groups and adjust them accordingly.

On the other hand, the device improves the shading system by controlling the gauze curtains. In the end, it can control 1% of the opening and closing of the curtains.

Discover a new heating and cooling system

The restructured technology adds automatic sensors, which detect the environmental qualities of the area and instantly suggest purifications. On top of that, it comes with optimized voice control and super-fast features.

In addition, you will find other interesting solutions. For example, one-time purchase, quick assembly, one-click batch network distribution, one-click scene setup, one-click delivery, etc.

Huawei Whole Smart Home 2.0

Availability and price:

According to the information, the pre-sale of Whole House Smart 2.0 started today at 10:08 am, while the official sale will be on July 30. Users can consider the following price according to requirements:

  • Rear 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms of about 80 square meters: 19999 yuan
  • Rear 3 rooms 2 rooms of 120 square meters and more: 39,999 yuan.

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