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Planning a Christmas vacation? Make sure you’re ready for another normal trip by including these gadgets in your suitcase. They help you stay healthy.

Navigate through requirements and stay healthy in airports, hotels, and more with these new normal travel gadgets. Because while the trip might be a little different now, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your trip.

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This means investing in a reusable mask, like the MaskFone. But this is no ordinary mask; it combines headphones and a microphone for music and calls.

And for a quick, adorable way to keep your hands clean, the Olika Birdie is a great choice. You will love the fun colors and the ease of use.

Make sure your travels are happy and healthy with these useful travel gadgets.

1. LG PuriCare Mini air purifier removes dust and ultrafine particles. It is also quiet and will not disturb others on the plane.

LG PuriCare Mini and a laptop

You can never be sure of the air quality when traveling, and the LG PuriCare Mini air purifier helps you to do that. Its app shows you information about the air in your surroundings. Plus, the portable size is great for airplanes, hotel rooms, etc.

Get it for $ 152.93 on Amazon.

2. The GO 100% cotton face masks keep you comfortable for long periods of wear. They have ear straps and nose pieces.

GO 100% cotton face masks
100% Cotton GO masks on a woman

Tired of uncomfortable masks? ALLER 100% cotton masks have pieces that adapt to your unique face shape. They also come with reusable filters.

Get it for $ 16.99 from the official site.

3. The Olika Birdie ergonomic hand sanitizer makes keeping your hands germ-free fun and easy. You will love the fun colors.

Useful travel gadgets to help you fly through
Olika Birdie in a person’s hand

Another of our favorite new normal travel gadgets is Olika Birdie Ergonomic Hand Sanitizer. It comes in the form of an adorable bird. You just have to turn it to access the spray.

Get it for $ 5.99 from the official site.

4. mophie UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging keeps your essentials germ-free. Sanitize your cards, headphones and more.

Mophie UV disinfectant with wireless charging
Mophie UV Sanitizer on an artist’s table

Make sure things like your credit cards, money, and keys are clean with the mophie UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging. Equipped with UV bulbs, this charger powers any Qi compatible phone and keeps germs away.

Get it for $ 79.95 from the official site.

5. The LITO foldable suitcase saves you storage space. In addition, its shell is made from 50 recycled plastic bottles for sustainable travel.

LITO in a video

The new normal has accentuated the transition to sustainable products. And you can do your part by adding the LITO foldable suitcase to your travel plans. It folds up, saving you storage space. In addition, its shell is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Pre-order it for $ 247.71 on Indiegogo.

6. The Safe Travels Kit’s clean travel gear keeps you safe and healthy during transport with an antimicrobial seat cover and pillowcase.

Useful travel gadgets to help you fly through
Safe Travels Kit with a person on an airplane

The Safe Travels Kit’s own travel gear made our list of new normal travel gadgets because it gives you a barrier against busy airplane seats. These accessories are soft and comfortable. In addition, the pillowcase also doubles as a tray cover.

Get it for $ 44 from the official site.

7. The OwlzzZ sleep mask keeps you healthy by ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. Eye covers allow you to open your eyes.

Useful travel gadgets to help you fly through
OwlzzZ sleep mask on a sleeping person

Rest keeps you healthy while traveling. Luckily, the OwlzzZ Sleep Mask blocks out all light, helping you get those precious Z’s. It’s soft, easy to clean, and won’t tangle your hair.

Get it for $ 22.99 from the official site.

8. The MaskFone smart face mask has a built-in microphone and headphones. It is the PPE that helps you multitask while walking in the airport.

MaskFone smart face mask
MaskFone on a person in a city

Masks are mandatory for air travel. But you can get the most out of it when you wear the MaskFone smart face mask. Its built-in microphones and headphones make it easy to take calls. You can also use it to listen to music.

Get it for $ 49.99 from the official site.

9. The Whoop 4.0 health wearable takes your skin temperature and monitors your blood oxygen directly on your wrist.

Useful travel gadgets to help you fly through
WHOOP 4.0 on a person’s wrist

If you get sick on vacation, the Whoop 4.0 health laptop can find out before you do. This tracker monitors indicators such as skin temperature and blood oxygen levels. It even comes with a sleep coach.

Get it for $ 30 from the official site.

10. The Wynd Plus smart personal air purifier creates a healthy breathing zone all around you. It is designed by engineers from MIT and NASA.

Useful travel gadgets to help you fly through
Wynd Plus on a table

Although it has a small footprint, the Wynd Plus smart personal air purifier is a heavyweight that fights particles. Its antimicrobial silver eliminates infectious germs and filters odors, allergens, pollution, dust, etc. During this time, it purifies up to 8 liters of air per second.

Try with nok for $ 199.

With these gadgets in your carry-on or luggage, you’ll be ready to travel to the new normal. Which of these new gadgets would you like to own? Let us know in the comments.

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