We’ve previewed these high-end headphones which we think will rival the Apple and Sony versions


High-end headphones can be very expensive, but successful crowdfunding company Padmate has found huge support for its Pamu Slide devices on Indiegogo and they’re now on their second iteration. With quality at its core, right from the plush textured slider case, the PaMu Slide 2 headphones pack some serious tech into their tiny form.

Among its standout features is its nifty noise-canceling capability, which sports a digital hybrid active system, which operates over wide bandwidth to reduce background noise from everything, including planes, traffic and crowds. . It can zone up to 42 dB, which is really impressive.


Audio is delivered to the ears via 10mm dynamic drivers and a titanium composite diaphragm, which looks impressive on paper and sounds very impressive in the ear.

Making and receiving calls is a pleasure too, with gesture controls and six microphones to pick up your voice and cancel noise. It also has a built-in smart system for human voice enhancement, so it’s a great setup for anyone who is hard of hearing.

There’s a low latency mode for gaming, which can be selected by setting up Padmate’s brilliant PaMu app, and this will also let you access equalizer settings and voice prompt modes.

No price has yet been announced for the PaMu Slide 2 buds, but given that their predecessors can be had on Amazon for less than £100, it promises they’ll comfortably undercut rivals such as Apple and Sony. There’s even a 50% early bird discount offer on Indiegogo right now.

High-end headphones at a reasonable price. Sounds good to me.


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