What is AR Zone app on Samsung phones and how to use it?


If you just got your hands on a Samsung smartphone, you’re probably wondering what the AR Zone app is and what it does. AR Zone is Samsung’s native app that uses augmented reality to create a personalized emoji for the user. This emoji can be used as a sticker or as a filter on your images. Although its functionality may be limited, it is still quite fun to use. In this article, we show you how to use the AR Zone app on a Samsung phone to create an animated emoji for yourself.

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How to use the AR Zone app

The AR zone is similar to Apple’s Memoji or Snapchat’s Bitmoji. You can create an animated avatar of yourself and use it in various places. The more time you spend editing your AR emoji, the more it will look like you.

Here’s how you can create an AR emoji

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Step 1: Select the Samsung folder in the app drawer and open the ‘AR Zone’ app.

2nd step: Tap AR Emoji Studio to create an animated avatar of yourself.

Step 3: Choose an animated avatar for yourself. You can also create a custom avatar by scanning your face using the front camera or uploading an image to create an avatar that looks like you.

Choose an animated avatar for yourself.

Step 4: Customize your anime avatar further by choosing features like hairstyle, hair color, eyebrows, facial hair and more. The more time you spend on the editor, the more accurate your avatar will be.

Customize your animated avatar

Step 5: Press “Next” when you’re done. The app will create custom stickers based on your avatar.

Quick measurement

If your Samsung smartphone has a Depth Vision camera, the AR Zone app will come with a “Quick Measure” feature. This can be used to measure the size and dimensions of objects around you, simply by scanning them with your camera. The measurements recorded by Quick Measure are quite accurate, and it comes in handy when you can’t find a tape measure. All you have to do is point your camera at an object and Quick Measure will give you its dimensions.

Decorative image

The “Deco Pic” feature of the AR Zone app allows you to take pictures with various filters, stickers, frames, stamps and animated gifs. This is very similar to what Snapchat does. However, you won’t find AR Zone’s filters as interactive and diverse as Snapchat’s.

What to do with your animated avatar?

Now that you’ve created your animated avatar, you can use it in many places. Here are some things you can do with your custom avatar.

AR Emoji Camera

Emoji AR camera.  what is an ar zone on samsung

You can use your avatar as a filter in your selfies. Just tap the ‘AR Emoji Camera’ icon in the AR Zone app. You can also access the Emoji camera by opening the camera app and selecting AR Zone in the “More” section. You can now use your avatar as a filter for your selfies. You can also choose another face to put as a “mask” in your selfies.

Augmented reality doodle

As the name suggests, AR Doodle lets you doodle on your images. You can draw on the screen before taking a picture and the camera will follow you with the drawing you just created. You can choose from a range of brushes, colors and animated effects to create a doodle.

AR Emoji Stickers

AR Emoji Stickers.  what is an ar zone on samsung

Once you’ve created an AR Emoji, Samsung automatically creates stickers for you. You can access these stickers on your keyboard while texting. AR Emoji stickers only work on platforms that support them. If you try to send them on WhatsApp, they will be sent as images.

Make your AR Emoji your call background, watch face or lock screen

Make your AR Emoji your call background, watch face or lock screen

Go to AR Emoji Studio in the AR Zone app to use your animated avatar in different settings. You can set AR Emoji as your call background or use it to record a dance move and then set it as your lock screen background. If you have a Samsung smartwatch, the AR Emoji can also be used as a watch face. The possibilities are limitless.

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Here is how you can use the AR Zone app on your Samsung phone. While it may not fully exploit the potential of augmented reality, it’s still a fun app to use. With future updates, the AR Zone app will improve and hopefully incorporate many more AR-related features. If you can’t find any use for the AR Zone app, you can hide it from the apps screen, but it can’t be uninstalled because it’s a native Samsung app.

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