What is Tech? Tech Gadgets That Can Help You Store Family Memories | What is Technology?


I think it’s safe to say that most people have family memories stored on VHS tapes, in photo albums, and perhaps decades-old film tapes.

Maybe no one has seen these priceless memories in years. With a little time and tech gadgets, you can surprise your family with a fresh look at the past.

For videotapes, the Pinnacle Dazzle gadget will re-record those memories for storage on a computer. The Dazzle is an oddly shaped gadget that connects a VCR to any computer. The included software captures video as it plays and saves it as a computer file. You can capture other tape formats, but you’ll need something to read them, like an old camera.

For old movies, I recommend the Wolverine Film Converter. Thread the original film and slide it into a capture slot. As the movie plays, the Wolverine converter captures each frame and stitches them together to create a video that is saved to an SD card.

No one in my family has seen these movies for 40 years. I would suggest uploading any video you capture from VHS tapes or film strips to YouTube where you can add music. Then, share the links with your family members.

Now dust off old photo albums. You can take photos of photos, but I suggest using the Google Photo Scan app as it detects corners and removes reflections. Photos are saved in Google Photos which you can print, create a photo album or use in a digital photo frame.

If you are considering using these devices for the DIY project, I suggest you start now. Tapes and film strips are captured in real time. So a two hour videotape will take two hours to convert, but it’s a great trip down memory lane.


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