What to declutter in the house, according to your zodiac sign


Wondering how to declutter based on your zodiac sign? Just as your zodiac sign can help you choose the perfect pet, the stars can also help you determine which areas of your home you need to clean in January.

“Decluttering has been proven to reduce stress, leaving you feeling calmer, happier, and more in control,” says Tombola. “We’ve worked with professional astrologers to provide home decluttering tips based on your zodiac sign, so you know exactly where to target to spruce up your home fast.”

Eliminate clutter in a way that suits your sign. Keep reading for everything you need to know…


Visionary and ready for change, Aquarius should focus on declutter closets this month of January. With a love of light, open spaces, people with this zodiac sign might find their drawers a little messy over time – which is why now is a great time to tidy them up.


January is a great time to declutter your home by tackling one space each day. According to Emily Anne Thornton of Solar Sister Tarot, Pisces should sort childhood photos and objects. Rather than getting rid of everything, use your time to organize things and give them a place to live.


The astrological sign Aries, born between March 21 and April 20, should focus on declutter small jobs, bags and coats in January. “Never inside long enough to decide whether to keep or throw away an item. Start small – do the bedside area, then the activewear. You’ll have to commit to a little daily work,” says Inbaal Honigman.

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Taurus and self-care go hand in hand. In January, they should turn their attention to organize books and skin care — especially those many bottles of unused products in the bathroom. As a Taurus craves structure, getting organized will give them a real boost.


After Christmas and the holiday season, you may be ready for a cleaning. One of the best things Geminis can do is cancel newsletter subscriptions they no longer read. “Geminis can’t stand letting information slip,” says Emily. “You may have oversubscribed, so cancel the ones you can’t read.”


Cancer patients should focus on store kitchen utensils in January. From dusty cookbooks to aimless utensils, donate or sell anything you no longer need. The best way to make decluttering easier is to do it in stages – start with a kitchen drawer to start with, then work your way through the entire room.


If you’re a Leo, it’s time to sort out those sentimental items. “While royal Leos like to live in sleek, uncluttered spaces, they like to have memories of times gone by. A box in the attic is their place, so sort it out,” Inbaal says.

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Virgos, famous for paying attention to the smallest details, are expected to spend January organize receipts and letters. Emily adds: Virgos keep a diary of everything, but do we really need that receipt from 2016? You’re good at filing taxes, however, keep everything in one place and erase it when the year is done.”


Libras are the skillful and intelligent charmers of the zodiac. As for decluttering this month, they should focus on her wardrobe. From unworn shoes to old coats, closet storage will help them focus. Have you started your wardrobe?


“Your technical drawer is overflowing and could use some clutter,” says Inbaal. “Scorpios love the latest gadgets, so all your old headphones, chargers, and batteries take up much-needed space.”


Sagittarians are the travelers of the zodiac, experts say they should focus on organization souvenirs and travel diaries. Emily adds, “Sagittarians have serious wanderlust, but how about moving the books around and getting a Kindle to store your travel guides.”

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And finally, Capricorns should put their energy into tidy up your home office. Increase your productivity levels by organizing your papers, filing your bank statements, and neatly storing your books.

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