WhatsApp’s new feature will help you find restaurants, stores and more


WhatsApp users can get a new feature that will help them easily locate nearby businesses. According to a report from WABetaInfo, the platform that tracks upcoming messaging platform features, WhatsApp may get a new section called Nearby businesses. As the name suggests, users will be able to see restaurants, stores, grocery stores, and more in a separate section. However, it is not clear whether users will be able to order directly from WhatsApp or just see contact details, location and other such information.
The report says the feature was spotted in the beta of WhatsApp for Android but is likely to come iPhone also. The feature is currently under development and there is no confirmed date for its deployment.
During this time, WhatsApp Business accounts are given a new shortcut to quickly reply to messages. Available for beta users of iOS and Android, WhatsApp has added a new shortcut to the chat sharing action menu. The new option can be seen with the camera, photo and video library, catalog, and other options when a user taps the “+” sign for iPhones and the attachment sign for Android. This will allow WhatsApp Business beta users to respond to messages quickly.
The quick reply feature is already available for WhatsApp Business accounts. It can be activated by pressing ‘/’ on the keypad. They can then select a message from the list to send to a customer.
WhatsApp recently activated a new feature to protect its users, “preventing unknown contacts from getting your last seen and online status if you’ve never chatted with them.” The new feature eliminates the ability of some apps on the App store and Google Play Store to check the last seen or online status of certain contacts on WhatsApp.
Unless a user has an active chat with someone or has chatted with that person, they won’t be able to check the last seen or online status. With this feature, no unknown person will be able to see when you were last seen on WhatsApp or your online status.


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