When does the Rainbow Six Extraction Spillover event end?


Rainbow Six Mining received its first Crisis Event, Spillover, in February 2022. In Spillover, Archaean Sprawl colonies have caused disruption in REACT Containment Zones, and Operators will dive into a new limited-time mode to fend them off.

Operators are tasked with deploying canisters of dissolving agent in the Sprawl colony and protecting them from mutated hordes of Archaean parasites. These canisters have limited health and parasites will try to destroy them. Operators will need to defend them against different species.

When planted, each of these canisters reveals a specific variety of Archaean, which players must battle for the next 90 seconds. These Archaeans will attack canisters if left unchecked, so protect the canister as best you can. If they destroy the canister, you’ll need to run through Sprawl and grab another one from the extraction area.

To help with the event, the developers added an event-exclusive REACT tech, the Auto Turret, which can be unlocked by completing Spillover Studies, and introduced Zofia as a free operator.

Screenshot via Ubisoft

The event is only available until March 11, and players can grind to earn exclusive perks. Completing studies in Spillover can award the Auto Turret gadget, but players can also earn free cosmetics like the Desert Kingsnake headgear and uniform, the Swift Bushwack weapon skin, and the Combat Souvenir charm.


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