When is Amazon Prime Day 2022? What to know and how GQ can help you


When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Let’s get straight to business: we have it on good authority that Amazon Prime Day 2022 will take place in July, exact date TBD. So mark your calendars! Synchronize your watches! Alert the town crier! This event is sure to be a doozy, and if you want to take part in the limited-time offers, it’s best to act fast.

What is the first day?

Glad you asked! Prime Day is a roughly 48-hour window in which the Bezos-built giant offers a deluge of lightning deals for Amazon Prime members, catalyzing a frenzy of shopping activity in the process. Products from seemingly every corner of the retailer’s site – from nifty gadgets to household essentials to, yes, everything Alexa – will go on sale throughout the day. Some of them will actually want you. Some of them you will actually need. And you’re unlikely to get your hands on some of them. (All of this can be a bit overwhelming.)

Want to refresh your wardrobe? Amazon isn’t exactly the first place we’d check, but we saw a lot more style editor-approved pieces on sale last year than expected, from hoodies to watches. Need a new toothbrush or a new razor? Prime Day is usually a great time to shop for discount grooming gear. And, of course, if you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on some new furniture to spruce up your apartment — or, heck, one of those mildly concerning AI-powered Amazon devices — Prime Day is going to be big. So: What is Amazon Prime Day 2022? It’s the e-commerce extravaganza we all love to hate. There are plenty of mediocre deals you can afford to miss and some honest-to-god bargains good enough to justify your hard-earned time and money.

Why should I care about Prime Day?

It’s basically Amazon’s Black Friday, except Black Friday is also Amazon’s Black Friday, so it’s like a slightly warmer second Black Friday that usually happens in the middle of the week. It remains to be seen how this Prime Day will be different from last year, but we’re pretty confident there will be at least a few constants. There will likely be a handful of unique offers, including spicy deals on all things Apple, Bose and Sony, some of which could disappear almost as quickly as you can click ‘add to cart’. If you’re the planning type, you might even take advantage of the day to do your holiday shopping earlier than usual. , and if said goodies are a brand new iPad or a new pair of AirPods, you probably won’t see lower prices at any other time of the year.

How can I, a very busy [insert local hometown here] Young Professional of the Year, stay on top of all the crucial Prime Day deals?

You could be madly refreshing the Amazon homepage for 48 hours straight. Or you can get the drop of Prime Day details as they emerge in real time, especially on GQ Verified and Approved product picks, by following our coverage here and subscribing to the GQ newsletter. Recommend. You’ll get a few emails throughout the Amazon Prime Day sale highlighting the most head-turning early deals in tech, homeware, toiletries, menswear and more. beyond, all handpicked by a group of GQ editors feverishly scouring page after page of mediocre products to find you – yes, you! – the best Prime Day offers of the moment.

Is Prime Day a mildly disturbing hymn to American consumerism wrapped up in the shiny corporate wrapper of a made-up holiday designed to line the pockets of the world’s richest man?

Sure! Go now. Did you think Amazon was doing this out of sheer altruism? If you have the moral stamina to withstand savings like these, more power to you. We don’t. Plus, you probably need a new Instant Pot to complement your fledgling food blog and you know you’ll end up ordering one anyway. Might as well save some money while you’re at it. Plus, if you don’t currently have a Prime membership, Prime Day might be the smartest time to test out a 30-day free trial so you can sneak inside the gates before the official start. big shebang. Hey, it’s not like jumping on all the deals and picking up a full-price robot vacuum at Walmart makes you some kind of saint. Why not sign up and buy this Echo Dot on sale instead?

This whole Prime Day pitch sounds intriguing. But what should I do by July?

Like, literally anything else. Catch up The boys, or if you are determined to go shopping, refresh your wardrobe. Did we mention we have a newsletter?


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