Who owns ‘Deccan Kitchen’ in Jubilee Hills?

TRS deputies poaching case: Who owns Deccan Kitchen in Jubilee Hills?

Hyderabad: GHMC bulldozers all set fire to a prime property in the Jubilee Hills on November 13 (Sunday). Despite a public holiday, the demolition was carried out due to the importance of the ongoing TRS deputies poaching case.

Hyderabad businessman Nanda Kumar, Simhayaji and Ramachandra Bharati are accused of trying to poach four TRS MPs out of the party in exchange for money, office and civil contracts. The four men were caught red-handed on a farm in Moinabad ahead of the Munugode by-elections and are currently being held in Chanchalguda prison.

Cut to Sunday, the GHMC demolition crew razed “unlicensed commercial structures” allegedly rented to Nanda Kumar. These properties were attached to the ‘Deccan Kitchen’ hotel in Film Nagar.

Does Nanda Kumar own Deccan Kitchen?

Running into crores based on market value, Plots No. 2 & 3 (D.No.8-2-293/82/F/A/3) on Road No. 1 in Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills originally belong to the Daggubati brothers, Suresh babu and Venkatesh, respectively. The ancestral property was leased to a Pramod Kumar who would be the first lease holder and a friend of Nanda Kumar.

Straight to November 13, 2022, as a result of events, a new case was filed against Nanda Kumar at Banjara Hills Police Station over Deccan Kitchen rental agreement. According to the complainant, Deccan Kitchen, which has been operating since 2011, was run by Syed Ayaaz (32) of Mahindra Hills along with his brother Syed Azhar. They reportedly paid Nanda Kumar Rs. 12 lakhs as “advance” and had an agreement to pay 10% commission on total sales. They are said to have sublet Nanda Kumar’s property with a rental contract of Rs. 2 lakh every month and spent Rs. 1 crore on interiors. This case opened a box of worms and raised questions about the owner of this property.

P. Radha Kishan Rao, Deputy Commissioner of Police, North Area Task Force, explained the ownership sequence. “Years ago, the Daggubati brothers leased the land from a certain Pramod Kumar. According to the lease agreement, the party was not allowed to do any further construction in the said place and secondly, it could not be However, soon Suresh Babu’s side of the property was in dispute, both sides went to court and the landlords wanted to evict the tenant Nanda Kumar, who set up W3 Hospitality Private Service, got a stay of the evacuation case. The land fell into dispute and the rent amount was filed in court,” he said.

The land has been sublet to five commercial properties – Deccan Kitchen, Scream – an ice cream parlor, Barista, Gourmet and a gadget store. Nanda Kumar is said to have collected Rs. 6.5 lakh as rent from these shops and deposit Rs. 1 lakh rent towards the original lease in court.

NewsMeter also spoke to GHMC officials about the disputed terrain. An official, on condition of anonymity, said. “The civil litigation is pending between the parties. It was initially introduced by the legitimate owner and then by the tenant. Initially, the owner was unable to win his case before the civil courts. Since then, the property has been The tenant has sublet the properties to five different outlets and he would deposit the rent amount in court.

The GHMC has razed the illegal structures on the Jubilee Hills, the place is currently under private surveillance

An owner of the commercial property who wishes not to be identified further told NewsMeter: “Nanda Kumar is not our partner but we have sublet the property to him. The monthly rent would be transferred to him, however, he does not had no role in our businesses. We were not aware of the sublease clause given by the original owner. Nanda Kumar always described that it was his place. He often came to the restaurant with VVIPs, including bureaucrats, MPs and MPs. Kumar was still dealing in real estate transactions and would manage this property. Everyone thinks Deccan Kitchen is owned by him, which is incorrect.

It should be noted that the property has been rented twice, first legally and then illegally. According to Nanda Kumar’s agreement with the landlords, he has no legal right to sublet it.

On the contrary, Nanda Kumar’s son filed two complaints at Banjara Hills Police Station against GHMC regarding the demolition. He alleged that the demolition was illegal since they had already obtained a reprieve from the court. Currently the place is off license to any of these parties and is guarded by private persons.

Throughout the episode, the whole turn of events worked in favor of the original owner Suresh babu who insisted on an eviction and demolition of the illegal structure from his property with a blessing in disguise.

The special investigation team must report to the court

On Tuesday afternoon, a bench of the Telangana High Court Division tasked the Special Investigation Team (SIT), headed by Hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand, to investigate alleged poaching of TRS MPs by BJP workers.

The Divisional Bench headed by Chief Justice Ujjal Bhuyan and Judge CV Bhaskar Reddy requested the SIT to submit its report under seal to Single Judge B. Vijaysen Reddy by November 29. The SIT will not disclose the progress of the investigation to any authority or the media and there will be no selective leaking of the investigation or material gathered during the investigation, it added.

The House said it will be up to Mr Anand to ensure that the instructions are followed scrupulously and added that the SIT should not report to any authority, political or executive. Single Judge B. Vijaysen Reddy was assigned to oversee the investigation.

The appeal filed by the Telangana BJP represented by its General Secretary Premendar Reddy to block the investigation is closed. The arguments will follow.


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