Worthplaying | Year 2 of “Rogue Company” will add a new Rogue, Project Saint, Map and Neochrome Battle Pass


Accepting million dollar contracts from governments and special interests, Rogue Company is a self-defense force that goes where governments cannot stop credible and imminent threats. Relying on public opinion and popular support, many Rogues embrace their newfound stardom. Elite, sexy and paid, Rogue Company operates between the lines and on the run.

Thug company is a top-secret union of elite mercenaries who execute paid contracts to fight the world’s greatest evils. Rogue Company is an outlaw solution to a broken system. For most of the world, the elusive organization is just a rumor at best. However, for those in the know, Rogue Company agents are indispensable in solving the world’s deadliest and most difficult missions. As a mercenary of the Rogue Company, players will band together, grab their weapon of choice, and dive into iconic locations to compete online in various PVP game modes.

Thug company features include cross play on all major platforms, an ever growing roster of mercenaries, game modes, weapons and gadgets.

Team up with friends, regardless of platform, and climb the ranks of Thug company.

Save the day. Look carefully. Get paid.

Hi-Rez’s third-person shooter Rogue Company is heading into Year 2 with a bang. Polish and quality of life upgrades will be a major target in 2022.

In addition, new Rogues, maps and game modes are already in the works – some of them will be released as early as next week.

Rogue Company Year 2 will definitely be the best time to save the day, look good, and get paid.

  • New Thief Preview
  • New card merge
  • Holy Project
  • Neochrome battle pass

New Thief: Sneak Peek

Glimpse, the last Rogue to join the Rogue Company in the fight against Jackal, falls into the combat zone. Glimpse is the result of a dangerous genetic engineering program trying to develop a super-assassin.

Where she once used her stolen concealment technology to evade her creators, she now uses it to seek them out. After escaping the program with stealth technology, Glimpse vows to grant these dark foes the same destruction they had planned for her.

  • Weapons: Assault rifles (AR) and SMG
  • Starting weapons: Nightshade AR and Knight SMG
  • Secondary: P12K pistol
  • Melee: Kukri
  • Gadget (New): Pop Smoke Grenade – New variant of the smoke grenade. When thrown, the Smoke Grenade erupts with smoke as soon as it comes in contact with a surface. Ideal for placing smoke screens quickly and / or in places normally inaccessible; Semtex grenades.


  • Camouflage – Activate your suit’s camouflage and become much harder to see, while your energy reserve lasts. Moving faster and / or taking damage makes you more visible. Glimpse’s camouflage has 3 levels of invisibility depending on how fast she is moving.
  • Passive: Sleight – Your genetically altered senses are greatly heightened, allowing you to periodically detect enemies around you.


  • Agile hands
  • hunter
  • Padded steps
  • Stalker
  • Life drain
  • Trackers
  • New content

Glimpse is the Last Thief of Year 1, coming to Xbox next week. If you have the Year 1 Pass, you already own Glimpse, so don’t forget to log in and give it a try!

Holy Project

This latest update in Year 1 will also officially launch Project Saint, a new initiative focused on improving quality of life and new gaming experiences in Thug company.

You’ve seen the first steps in our Season 4: Umbra Update, with the introduction of a brand new matchmaker for better quality games and the release of the Battle Zone game mode. First Watch Games plans to continue on this path, making Thug company better with each update. The team is already working on features like human infill to replace leavers, and an overhaul of the interaction system – no more repairing your armor when you want to recruit a teammate!

New Map: Fusion

Deep in the arctic tundra lies volcanic destruction – welcome to Meltdown.

Glimpse’s experiment with covert facilities carrying out questionable experiments comes at the right time: an AI research lab has successfully linked its self-destruct streak to the eruption of Earth’s dormant volcanoes, and Jackal has just started the countdown.

Meltdown is a top secret research and development center built around an experimental geothermal power plant that developed the first true artificial intelligence. Rogue Company was deployed to prevent it from self-destructing and to rescue the scientists trapped inside. Get ready to dive in and play Meltdown, FREE, in the Year 2 update!

This hot spot is the site of Thug companyThe new Meltdown map, coming with the Year 2: Season 1 update in February. Dive in, avoid a global catastrophe, and teach mad scientists not to plug a god machine into the lava of the world.

Thug company is available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).

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