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Want to improve your gameplay in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic? Today we’re highlighting some of the best tips and tricks to make your experience even more amazing.

For video game lovers, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade classic is one hell of a game that can keep your eyes glued to the screen for hours. But what keeps the fun blazing are the WoW TBC Classic tips and tricks that enhance your gameplay, resulting in a more amazing experience.

So we’re here to take you by the hand and reveal a plethora of tips on how to manage your skill level. Leveling in TBC Classic is not difficult compared to leveling path 1 to 60. An experienced player can increase the level cap from 60 to 70 in about 1 full day, and an average player can reach this level in about 48 hours.

These tips help you navigate Outland zones so you can start enjoying the fantastic content TBC has in store in no time.

WoW TBC Classic tips on video

Complete quests

While it seems obvious, engaging in quests is a major way for many players, especially solo players, to level up. You will come across many quest centers during your fights in Outland areas. So it’s best to follow this route unless you’re aiming for level 70.

Additionally, it should be noted that boosted characters tend to be weaker and have less speed than characters who level up naturally. For this reason, we suggest questing in the Azeroth area before diving into the Outlands.

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Participate in the grinding

Grinding in this context means randomly killing lots of enemies that aren’t in the quest. Doing this in a way that improves your experience on time is how you make it efficient and fun. You can achieve this by playing certain classes like Protection Paladin or when practicing area of ​​effect.

Grinding also becomes more effective when killing mobs of the same level. This means that the level displayed on their portrait is all green, not red or yellow.

Leveling - tips and tricks for WoW TBC Classic
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Get help from professionals

Another of our favorite WoW TBC Classic tips and tricks is to seek professional help. It might seem intuitive if your goal is just to get to level 70, but certain professions like mining, herb gathering, and trade skills will be a huge help in leveling up. Using First Aid, for example, gives you the ability to craft more consumables, heal your character, and increase their stamina when things heat up a bit.

Additionally, crafting weapons and gear and putting them up for sale is another avenue. You auction off the items and earn a few thousand TBC Classic gold, depending on how much commitment you are willing to invest.

Boost other players

Boosting refers to the activity where a player of a higher level runs with you through dungeons and performs kills and damage on the crowd. It is quite common for certain groups of boosters to see other players being boosted.

Generally, the boosting player reaches a higher level since the more players he boosts, the more gold he adds to his profile. On the other hand, it doesn’t really benefit the other players in the group.

While boosting players is a recommended way to level up in TBC Classic, it’s the most expensive way and out of reach for new players.

Classic World of Warcraft TBC
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Understand the meaning of the color code

You don’t have to complete every quest in every area you enter before moving on to the next area. Several areas have quest marks that go beyond the level range for a given area.

For example, the Stranglethorn Vale area is basically for levels 30-45, so it is impossible to engage in this quest for level 15 players. To help players determine impossible quests, you will see that each of the quests has been color-coded in your quest log, as explained below.

  • Red quest means quests in which their goals and objectives are much higher than your level (5 levels or more required). We advise you to simply call in a group to help you deal with it, or better yet, enlist the help of a higher level player.
  • Orange quests are just a bit higher than the level you are in (3-5 levels). Some classes tend to find it easy to complete quests like these – Wizards and Hunters, for example, as they have their own personal tanks. Much like red quests, however, you can request help from higher level players or join a party.
  • Yellow quests are those whose objectives are much closer to the level you are in (2 levels or less). You are most likely to complete these quests on your own, without help from a higher level player or party.
  • Gray quests come with objectives well below your level (10 levels or less). Unlike the zero experience you get from killing gray level enemies, you still get experience rewards every time you complete gray quests. It will definitely be less than what you get from completing yellow or green quests, but you still receive a reward.
Leveling - tips and tricks for WoW TBC Classic
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Form groups with friends

Without a doubt, forming groups with friends during quests is another of our favorite tips and tricks for WoW TBC Classic, as it has its advantages and works quickly. Additionally, it gives each player a chance to progress through challenging quests to complete individually.

Many players worry that their reward will be compromised during quests, but this is a misconception. Although your encounter with enemies is minimal when you are in a group, the rewards remain intact for each player.

On some occasions, players may find it easy to play solo, while others may find it difficult to defeat enemies. But the rate at which groups eliminate their enemies in the leveling process cannot be compared to that of an individual player.

do dungeons

Once you have a group ready or you create one with your friends or through your guild, doing dungeons is another effective way to level up.

A significant benefit to playing TBC Classic is that Paladin Tanks tend to be out there somewhere. Thus, dungeons in Outland areas become more amazing and impressive. Although you can only complete them once, they are worth it.

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Kill enemies in quests

Like most games, grinding is just a good alternative to questing when playing with a party that takes out enemies quickly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t simultaneously run the grind during the quest.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you need to spend time traveling if you want to level up in TBC Classic. Killing random enemies as you enter new areas is a smart way to go about it. It surely won’t give you the same experience as questing, but every XP you collect helps a lot.

Always remember the rested experience

Whenever you log out of the game, be sure to do so in a rest area as it gives you double XP, the same as you get from killing enemies. You have to sleep in real life, so during the leveling process, it’s a smart trick to gain the edge by increasing the amount of XP you get while you stay offline. You’ll know you’re in a Rest Zone when the Zzzz appears in your character’s portrait.

In a nutshell, leveling up in Classic World of Warcraft TBC can be less painful if you are intentional about the process. World of Warcraft remains an impressive game and is incredibly fun, especially for players who have mastered the tips and tricks for WoW TBC Classic.

However, we recommend that you be careful about how much time you spend playing, as it can significantly affect your real-world activities. Taking regular breaks to fulfill other obligations is necessary to prevent headaches and burnout.

It is also a good idea to spend time with your family and friends and pay attention to your well-being to avoid gambling addiction and fully enjoy your game time.

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