Xbox series X stock – live: game replenishment updates, Argos and Currys


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Follow our replenishment tracking blog for all the latest updates

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The X Series is now over 12 months old and the next-gen console is breaking sales records everywhere since its launch. But, despite its apparent success, the console is still nearly impossible to find in stock anywhere in the UK, both online and in stores.

Bottlenecks in the manufacturing process due to a global supply chain crisis and chip shortage have slowed production of Microsoft’s next-gen console, leaving buyers in the UK wondering where they can get their hands on an Xbox.

The smaller, less powerful, and much cheaper Xbox Series S is easier to find, but the more advanced X Series usually sells out within minutes of going on sale. So knowing when and where the new console will be restocked is key to grabbing one before it sells out again.

This is why we launched our live blog on Xbox Stock Alerts and if you are wondering where to buy an Xbox Series X in the UK today before Christmas we are here to help. Below, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest live replenishment updates as they happen, along with all the news on planned replenishment dates, new games and accessories, and milestone events.

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Xbox action trackers, sign out

That’s all of us for another day. Thank you for staying with us on the Xbox Series X inventory tracking liveblog.

Unfortunately, we did not have any restocking today. This makes it all the more vital that you are ready for the next drop when it happens. We expect movement at Very this week, and rock our sources for the latest Xbox restocking information, rumors, and predictions as they arise.

Join us again tomorrow morning for the best chance of getting yourself an Xbox. Bye Bye!

Steve hogartyNovember 30, 2021 4:50 PM


Does John Lewis need to restock the Xbox Series X?

John Lewis & Associates does not have a great track record when it comes to stocking Xbox Series X. The retailer had one last restock on October 5, but this was only available through the app and the stock did not. lasts a long time. Prior to that, John Lewis had done a few Xbox restockings in July and one in June.

The console is currently listed as out of stock on the John lewis website, with no indication of when others will arrive. The cheaper Xbox Series S, which is widely available today at other retailers, is also out of stock at JL, despite the store’s attractive two-year warranty on tech products, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Steve hogartyNovember 30, 2021 4:20 PM


Can you buy an Xbox Series X on eBay?

You can buy a horribly sold Xbox Series X from the number one auction site, as well as the bright red electronics dealer on Main Street, but we don’t recommend it.

One of the main reasons for the current Xbox shortage is that unscrupulous scalpers are grabbing all available consoles to sell them for an inflated price to desperate buyers. The Xbox Series X retails for £ 449, although you will find it for sale, second-hand, for anything over £ 569.

You do, but buying these scalped consoles creates the very market that leads to their scarcity and drives up the prices for real buyers. Here has IndyBest, we’re bringing you real deals on available stock of Xbox Series X consoles.

New inventory is coming soon, so stay with us to be the first to know when Xbox is available!

Steve hogartyNovember 30, 2021 3:26 PM


You cannot purchase an Xbox at this time

You can tell the Xbox Series X is out of stock when we start publishing on its dimensions.

Steve hogartyNovember 30, 2021 3:05 PM


Will the Xbox Series X fit under your TV?

Excellent question. The latest generation of gaming consoles – the Xbox Series X and the PS5 – are massive. So big that in fact, you may need to rearrange your TV stand or media stand to make room for them.

The Xbox Series S is much smaller because it is less powerful and gives off less heat. Here’s how the two versions of the Xbox Next-Gen stack up:

Standing on its side, the Xbox Series X measures 12 inches high, 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep. It weighs 4.45 kg.

The Xbox Series S is much thinner, measuring 27.5cm high, 6.5cm wide and 15.1cm deep, it weighs 1.93kg.

Both consoles can be either standing or lying on their side, which may be a necessity if you want the X Series to be on the shelf under your TV.

Alistair CharltonNovember 30, 2021 3:01 PM


What is Xbox All Access?


Xbox Series X is always sold out everywhere, so let’s talk about Xbox All Access for a second. More often than not, Xbox All Access is the only way to buy the console when it’s in stock, and if you ask us, that’s a nice little deal.

If you’d rather pay for your Xbox in monthly installments, then Xbox All Access may be for you. Set up by Microsoft and offered via Game and Smyths Toys (when stock is actually on hand, of course), All Access includes the console and Game Pass Ultimate.

There is no upfront cost and the Xbox Series X costs £ 28.99 per month for 24 months. The less powerful (and much more readily available) Xbox Series S costs £ 20.99 per month for 24 months. No physical games are included, but access to Game Pass Ultimate means you can play a catalog of over 100 games from the cloud, on your Xbox or PC.

Steve hogartyNovember 30, 2021 1:54 PM


You can play Xbox games on your laptop

You don’t actually need an Xbox Series X to play Xbox Series X games. Instead, you just need a fast enough internet connection and a compatible streaming device.

Xbox Cloud Gaming streams games from Microsoft’s servers to your console, laptop, or phone, through your internet browser or the Xbox app. How does cloud gaming work? It’s kind of like being on a Zoom call with a game you control, meaning you can jump into new games with the push of a button rather than waiting for an install. You control it normally, but the game runs on Microsoft’s servers, which then stream the game’s sound and picture to your device.

Cloud gaming requires an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription (£ 32.99,, which unlocks on-demand access to over 100 games. Fortunately, decent laptops are much easier to find than the Xbox X series. If you’re considering an upgrade, check out our list of the best laptops in 2021.

Steve hogartyNovember 30, 2021 12:26


Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday offers

Black Friday is over, Cyber ​​Monday is over, but there are still some hot deals chilling on the windowsills of a bunch of retailers. We really made a change over the weekend to bring you the best deals, so do us a favor and see if there isn’t something you want to buy at a discount in one of our many , many Black Friday guides.

Steve hogartyNovember 30, 2021 12:15 PM


The best VPN for the Xbox Series X

If you stream Netflix to your Xbox, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to spoof your location and access movies and TV shows that aren’t normally available in your country.

You can’t install a VPN directly on an Xbox Series X, but you can install one on your laptop and route your console’s internet connection through it. You can also install VPNs on routers to cover all your devices at once.

A slow VPN will hamper your online gaming, so in order to keep your Xbox Series X running at peak performance, you need to make sure that the VPN you choose is fast and responsive enough to avoid lags and dropouts when playing online. line.

The best VPN for every type of device

The best VPN services on your iPhone, Firestick, Android and more in the UK for Netflix and streaming, including ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost

Steve hogartyNovember 30, 2021 11:30 AM


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