Xbox series X stock – live: today’s UK news on Game, Smyths, Argos restocking and more


<p>We expect more restocking from major UK retailers soon. </p>
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We expect more restocking from major UK retailers soon.

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UPDATE: After a weekend restocking, Xbox Series X is once sold out via Xbox All Access at Game.

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s best-selling console, but despite its apparent success, the next-gen gaming machine is still nearly impossible to find in stock anywhere in the UK, both online and in stores.

Bottlenecks in the manufacturing process and a global semiconductor shortage have slowed production of the latest Xbox, leaving UK buyers wondering where they can get their hands on one.

The smaller, less powerful, and much cheaper Xbox S series is easier to find, but the more advanced X series typically sells out within minutes of hitting shelves. So knowing when and where the new console will be restocked is key to grabbing one before it sells out again.

That’s why we launched our live blog on Xbox Stock Alerts, and if you’re wondering where to buy an Xbox Series X in the UK today before Christmas, we’re here to help. Below, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest live replenishment updates as they happen, along with all the news on planned replenishment dates, new games and accessories, and milestone events.

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Check the UK Xbox Series X retailer stock below:


How to buy a PS5 in the UK today

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If you are looking for a PS5 instead of an Xbox then you are in luck. Our IndyBest team also maintains a live blog following UK restockings of the PS5 console.

The PS5 has been easier to buy than the Xbox Series X in recent weeks, and today we’ve seen drops at BT and PlayStation Direct. For all the latest news on PS5 restockings across the UK, head over to our live blog.

Alistair CharltonDecember 6, 2021 12:03 PM


Xbox Series X inventory is coming to multiple Smyths Toys stores

More good news ! We just noticed that the Slough, Maidstone and Crayford branches of Smyths Toys each have seven Xbox Series X consoles in stock. These were added to the retailer’s website in the last hour or so and are available for purchase in store now. You’ll have to be quick though, as we expect them to sell out very soon.

Alistair CharltonDecember 6, 2021 11:55 AM


Xbox Series X stock lands in the game store

Good news for Xbox hunters in Dumfries – your local game store just tweeted that they have X Series consoles in stock right now. The store said they have “very limited” stock, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to buy one today.

Deposits can also be placed at Game Dumfries for the PS5, which must be in stock in time for Christmas.

Alistair CharltonDecember 6, 2021 11:27 AM


Does Very need to restock the Xbox soon?

You won’t be surprised to learn that Very is currently out of stock on Xbox Series X consoles. However, its website indicates that more stocks are “coming soon”, which gives us hope for an imminent restocking. The very last X Series consoles were available on November 9, and before that we saw restockings on August 24, September 14, and October 19. With that toll, it’s entirely possible that Very will only have one Xbox Series X restock in December.

If you like the cheaper and less powerful Xbox Series S, the console is available from Very now.

Alistair CharltonDecember 6, 2021 11:13 AM


Can you buy an Xbox directly from Microsoft?

Yes, but the Microsoft Store currently has no stock of Xbox Series Xs. The consoles were last available on Microsoft’s website on November 11, and before that we saw restockings on October 12 and 16. . There is no sign as to when more of the X Series will be available from Microsoft, but the cheaper, less powerful S Series is available for purchase now, as it is at most other retailers.

Alistair CharltonDecember 6, 2021 10:43 AM


Can you buy an Xbox Series X on Main Street?

Yes, but for now the console is as difficult to find in stores as it is online. We recommend that you regularly try your local Game and Smyths branches. Both sometimes have the consoles in stock, but often it’s only a handful at a time and they sell out really quickly.

Game stores each have their own Twitter accounts, which they update regularly with in-store news and stock information for the Xbox Series X (and PS5). Keep an eye on this twitter list, which consolidates all game store accounts in one place.

Smyths Toys has a tool on their website to check store inventory. We saw an odd console appear here, so it’s worth checking out. As of now, of course, there isn’t a single Xbox Series X available at any Smyths store in the UK.

Alistair CharltonDecember 6, 2021 10:15 AM


How to buy an Xbox Series X online

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While there aren’t any replenishments to report, let’s go over some basic tips for securing a console. Preparation is the key to success, and there are a bunch of things you can do right now to make sure you’re ready for the next replenishment.

  • Register an account and save your payment information at each of the retailers that stock the Xbox Series X. They are listed in the main article above
  • Are you a BT customer or do you know someone who is? Register your interest on the BT site to get exclusive access to BT’s next drop
  • Download each retailer’s app (if they have one) and add the Xbox Series X to your wishlist or ‘save for later’ list
  • When the console drops, use the link in your wishlist to add the Xbox to your cart – this usually has a higher success rate than website browsing
  • Write down the prices of the packages to make sure you get a good deal. All in all, the console itself costs £ 450, the controllers £ 50, the official headset £ 90, and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs £ 11 per month. The recently released game costs £ 60, but retailers typically bundle older games with the console
  • Xbox All Access pay-as-you-go is great value, as long as you don’t already have a Game Pass membership

Alistair CharltonDecember 6, 2021 9:45 AM


When was the last time Currys had an Xbox restock?

Currys last had the Xbox Series X in stock on November 16, and it was the only restock of the month. Prior to that, we saw restockings at Currys on October 7, 26, and 29. We’re hoping to see more consoles available from Currys as Christmas approaches, but as of yet, there’s no indication when they might arrive.

Considering the past two months, Currys tends to restock later in the month (with the exception of October 7th), so hopefully the consoles will be available in the next week or two.

Alistair CharltonDecember 6, 2021 9:16 AM


Is Xbox Series X available on Game?

Xbox Series X is available on Game now, through the All Access subscription system. The console entered stock on December 3 and appears to have been sold at retail since then. To be clear, you can’t pay for the console directly at Game, and in-store stock is often non-existent, but a console can be ordered online for home delivery through All Access, which costs £ 28.99 per month for two years.

All Access won’t be for everyone, but it does give gamers a way to get their hands on the popular console in time for Christmas.

Alistair CharltonDecember 6, 2021 9:01 AM


When will Smyths Toys restock the Xbox Series X?

The Xbox X series is currently sold out at Smyths Toys, but the retailer says more stock is expected at some point in December. Hopefully that means the consoles will be available for home delivery before Christmas, but we don’t have more information than that at this time.

Along with Game, Smyths is a retailer that has partnered with Microsoft to sell the console through the Xbox All Access credit program. An alternative to full console payment, Xbox All Access lets you pay for your console in monthly installments of £ 28.99 over two years.

Alistair CharltonDecember 6, 2021 8:43 AM

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