Zojirushi’s mini rice cooker ‘delivers perfect rice’ and is on sale


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The perfect bowl of rice can be surprisingly difficult to pull off. You can easily burn grains on your stovetop, overcook them into mush, or fail to cook a casserole of crispy, inedible rice. Fortunately, Amazon shoppers have just found the thing which “delivers fluffy, perfect rice every time”.

It is Zojirushi’s NHS range of rice cookersthe publisher’s beloved brand that makes some of the best rice cookers and kitchen appliances that you can buy in the market. These particular models are simple and easy to use, quickly preparing bowls of rice at the push of a button. The line comes in three sizes, including a mini 3-cup option that won’t take up space on counters with limited space — and it’s even on sale for $48 on Amazon.

Buy it! Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup Rice Cooker, $47.99 (original $53.99); amazon.com

All you need is a 1:1 ratio of rice to water to make the perfect bowls of rice that reviewers say this cooker is capable of. This rice cooker even comes with a 6-ounce measuring cup that makes enough rice for about two people in each scoop. Its see-through glass lid also makes it easy to track the cook’s progress and automatically stops cooking once your rice is ready. You can use the included spatula to transfer rice to bowls, and the interior cooking pan is nonstick so you have no trouble cleaning up.

The popular gadget has over 5,600 five-star ratings from Amazon reviewers. One described it as “a rice cooker you can’t live without”, to add“This rice cooker is everything I wanted! I bought this rice cooker for several reasons. First, I wanted a brand that I knew I could trust to deliver great rice and Zojirushi is the best brand of rice cookers. Secondly, I wanted something cheap. That’s why I was happy to find this model which costs around $45 to $65 depending on the size you choose. Finally, I wanted a small rice cooker. and the 3 cup size is perfect for me. I love the simplicity of flipping a switch and letting the rice cook on its own!”

It’s “so easy to make good rice” with Zojirushi’s mini cooker, says another customer. “We have a 6 cup cooker, but this little one is perfect for four to six people and cooks rice perfectly. I should have bought this years ago. A great appliance, and it doesn’t take up much space on the counter. Works great, easy to use and so easy to clean. Best cooker ever!”

If you want even more features, the 6 and 10 cup models include keep warm capabilities and a steamer basket. They are both on sale which means you can buy them bigger but”simple and efficientcookers from just $57. Buy all three NHS rice cookers from Zojirushi on Amazon now.

Buy it! Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup Rice Cooker, $56.99 (originally $67); amazon.com

Buy it! Zojirushi NHS-18 10-Cup Rice Cooker, $64.99 (originally $77); amazon.com


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